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Video: Risk management is about insight and agility, not just control01 July 2016 - By Neil Cantle - Article

Neil Cantle discusses the management of risk and the role of a chief risk officer.

Achieving resilience by harnessing people power06 June 2016 - By Neil Cantle - Article

Culture is a much more important feature of our business than originally thought and is an integral part of our control framework.

Cultural compass02 May 2016 - By Neil Cantle - Article

Culture is an integral part of the control framework of an organization.

Issues in brief spring 2016: UK life insurance28 April 2016 - By Fred Vosvenieks and Marie-Lise Tassoni and Neil Cantle and Richard See Toh and Robert Bugg and Stuart Reynolds and Tatiana Egoshina - Article

The most recent edition of Issues in Brief features articles about modification of management information, the regulatory challenges of lifetime mortgage products, 2016 ORSA and the history of embedded values.

Time to move forwards18 January 2016 - By Neil Cantle - Article

Insurers have responded to Solvency II and can leverage their skills to prosper.

How resilient is your organisation? From local failures to systemic risk05 August 2015 - By Christos Ellinas and Neil Allan and Neil Cantle - Article

Neil Cantle and two co-authors explore systemic risks in an award-winning paper.

Why risk management must be agile11 June 2015 - By Neil Cantle - Article

Risk management’s job is to lay out unfolding patterns and ensure that discussions occur about how they should be taken into account.

The final countdown12 February 2015 - By Neil Cantle - Article

How best to prepare for the Own Risk and Solvency Assessment portion of Solvency II.

Issues in brief summer 2014: UK life insurance30 May 2014 - By Christopher Lewis and Colette Dunn and and Fred Vosvenieks and and Matthew Cocke and Neil Cantle and Neil Dissanayake and Nick Dumbreck and Russell Ward and and Stuart Reynolds - Article

Life insurance trends affecting the UK, Europe, and beyond.

Insight versus oversight27 March 2014 - By Neil Cantle - Article

Risk management is a way of developing “insights” into emerging uncertainties within a business, to adapt and achieve resilience.

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