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Former employee plan participants: What is in their best interest?12 May 2015 - By Douglas A. Conkel - Article

More discussion is occurring of late about the growing number of former employee accounts within retirement plans.

Fees: What no one is talking about, round 214 November 2013 - By Douglas A. Conkel - Article

Revisiting the question of “What is fair?” when it comes to the retirement plan fees being assessed at the participant level.

Fees: What everyone is NOT talking about!12 July 2013 - By Douglas A. Conkel - Article

Plan sponsors do have a choice when it comes to retirement plan fee allocations.

Case study: Plan-level remapping to age-based target allocation models06 August 2012 - By Douglas A. Conkel - Article

This case study explores strategies to improve long-term investment planning and diversity for participant 401(k) accounts.

The Retirement Readiness Challenge: Measure what matters20 July 2011 - By Douglas A. Conkel and Janet McCune - Article
How effective is your retirement plan? Milliman's Retirement Readiness Challenge helps plan sponsors maximize employee retirement success.PPA 2006: Pension reform for defined contribution plans04 January 2010 - By Randy Mitchell and Douglas A. Conkel - Article

Approximately 60 minutes

Savings rates: Hybrid tools for better retirement mileage01 December 2008 - By Douglas A. Conkel - Article
New fiduciary responsibilities fall to hospitals, other 403(b) sponsors18 October 2007 - By Ginny Boggs and Douglas A. Conkel - Article
BP, Winter 200501 March 2005 - By Douglas A. Conkel and Glenn D. Bowen and Stephen P. Melek - Article

This issue includes: "Taking stock of option expensing," "A guide to administrative costs for defined contribution plans," and "Obstacles thwarting improved treatment for depression."

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