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California community health centers: Financial analysis of telehealth programs01 August 2015 - By Robert G. Cosway and Susan Philip - Article

A financial analysis examining the costs and revenue of telehealth programs in five California community health centers and clinics.

Essential health benefits: Review of the state employee benchmark plans and illustration of possible variation in essential health benefits by state03 December 2012 - By Robert G. Cosway - Article
How will essential health benefits vary by state?Cost and benefit trends observed in Jan. 1, 2011 renewals for state employers31 January 2011 - By Barbara Dewey and Robert G. Cosway - Article
An examination of the medical trend increases that U.S. employers are facing.Effective contracting with pharmacy benefit managers01 February 2010 - By Brian N. Anderson and Robert G. Cosway - Article
Effective PBM contracting can have a significant impact on the cost of prescription-drug benefits.BP, Spring 200201 June 2002 - By Robert G. Cosway and Jeffrey R. Kamenir - Article

This issue includes: "Is it time to give employees a choice on retirement plan design," "Options for health plan choice," "Pension choice: A proven formula for success," and "We're going electronic!"

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