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Integration of ERM in capital and strategy decisions17 July 2015 - By Fiona Ng and James G. Stoltzfus and Mark Stephens and - Article

Organizations across many industries continue to struggle with how to optimize the structure and span of scope for their enterprise risk management (ERM) programs.

Creating a virtuous circle with leading-edge risk processes and tools17 November 2014 - By Mark Stephens and Olivia Wang and - Article

Find out how to put a "virtuous circle" to work for your company in managing risk. This white paper discusses leading-edge risk processes and tools that successful companies are using now.

The role of top management and the board in ERM09 October 2014 - By Mark Stephens and Olivia Wang and - Article

ERM is most effective when processes are embedded across an organization, and when senior managers regularly monitor risk tolerance decisions.

Creating value through enterprise risk management22 August 2014 - By Mark Stephens and Olivia Wang and - Article

The Milliman Risk Institute partnered with Oxford Economics present survey results showing how risk activities support and enhance returns in addition to supporting any regulatory or rating agency requirements.

ERM in the Middle East: Moving beyond compliance04 February 2014 - By Mark Stephens and Safder Jaffer - Article

Companies that treat ERM initiatives as more than a regulatory formality can gain a significant competitive advantage.

ORSA: Turning burden to boon02 October 2013 - By Mark Stephens - Article

Adopting economic capital modeling will help align operations and budgets, and will give early adopters a strong advantage over their competitors.

Enterprise risk management: How are companies gaining value from their ERM strategies?09 May 2012 - By Joanna David and Mark Stephens - Article

Enterprise risk management (ERM) has evolved from an interesting discussion to a critical requirement for many companies. While ERM has become far more prevalent, different companies are at different stages in the maturity of their ERM strategy. 

A demonstration of complexity theory11 May 2011 - By Mark Stephens and Neil Cantle - Article

Neil Cantle, developer of Milliman’s CRisALIS™ methodology for analyzing and quantifying enterprise risk, maps out the causes of an oil spill to demonstrate how businesses can identify critical failures that might lead to a systemic breakdown.

The emergence of ERM11 May 2011 - By Mark Stephens and Neil Cantle - Article

In an increasingly complex and interconnected economy, emerging risks often go unnoticed until they reach crisis point.

Risks of templated advice11 May 2011 - By Mark Stephens and Neil Cantle - Article

Standard ERM templates and models do not provide reliable protection against emerging risks.

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