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The cost of waiting: Predicting long-term care rate increases21 November 2014 - By Dawn E. Helwig - Article

Setbacks in the private long-term care (LTC) industry have led many insurers to discontinue new sales or to raise rates on existing business. This Contingencies article argues that regulatory action is needed now.

The actuarial argument for gender-distinct LTC rates01 April 2014 - By Dawn E. Helwig - Article

There is clear actuarial justification and rationale for separate rates for males and females in long-term care insurance.

Quantification of the natural hedge characteristics of combination life or annuity products linked to long-term care insurance19 March 2012 - By and Carl A. Friedrich and Dawn E. Helwig - Article
Design and pricing considerations for combination products that link life insurance annuities with long-term care insurance.Doubling up on retirement security20 July 2011 - By and Dawn E. Helwig and Allen J. Schmitz and Kamilla Svajgl - Article
Many workers will find that their retirement strategy has not produced the desired results. This creates a market for products addressing this risk.Saving for retirement: What can employers do?31 May 2011 - By Dawn E. Helwig and Jeffrey M. Higgins and William Most and Janet McCune and Allen J. Schmitz - Article
Employers who want to provide employees with more than nominal retirement benefits need to exam how to make their benefits work in today's complex retirement landscape.The retirement landscape: Hazardous and challenging terrain31 May 2011 - By and Dawn E. Helwig and Jeffrey M. Higgins and Janet McCune and William Most and Allen J. Schmitz and Kamilla Svajgl - Article
If nothing in life is certain except death and taxes, nothing in life seems quite so uncertain for most workers today as a comfortable retirement. Record low interest rates are compounding an already complex problem.Perspectives on the Community Living Assistance Services and Support (CLASS) Act30 September 2010 - By and Dawn E. Helwig and Larry J. Pfannerstill - Article

Implications of the new long-term care law for individuals, employers, insurers and providers, and the federal government.

Spring 200501 June 2005 - By Dawn E. Helwig - Article

Perspectives Th e Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 (MMA) contains several provisions which will impact the private Medicare Supplement (MedSupp) market, either directly or indirectly. Th is article summarizes several of those provisions and presents the results of a survey on how some companies are preparing for the

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