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Replicating portfolios01 November 2009 - By Craig W. Reynolds and Henny Verheugen and and Peter Boekel and Rikiya Ino and Takanori Hoshino - Article
Replicating portfolios01 November 2009 - By Peter Boekel and Lotte van Delft and Takanori Hoshino and Rikiya Ino and Craig W. Reynolds and Henny Verheugen - Article
A new technique may make complex actuarial modeling more practical.Cultivating confidence: The emerging global market for VA-style guaranteed benefits products01 December 2008 - By Sam Nandi and and Gary Finkelstein and Rikiya Ino and Wade Matterson and Peter H. Sun - Article

The success of retirement-savings products such as variable annuities (VAs) with guaranteed benefits in the United States and Japan—and the ability of these products to stand up to intense market volatility, as we saw in September and October of 2008—has caught the attention of insurance companies and policyholders in the global market.

Impact of recent market turbulence on hedging programs for equity-linked guarantees20 May 2008 - By Peter H. Sun and Wade Matterson and Rikiya Ino - Article

A survey reports the results of financial risk management techniques born out of the last period of intense market volatility in late 2001 that have weathered their first big, real-world test.

Economic capital modeling: Practical considerations14 December 2006 - By Edward Morgan and Rikiya Ino and Takanori Hoshino - Article
Variable annuity market in Japan: The sun also rises01 August 2006 - By Rikiya Ino - Article

The variable annuity market in Japan is young, growing rapidly, and undergoing a fundamental change in regulation.

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