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Value of ACA coding improvement: Market share and market effects25 January 2016 - By Doug Norris and Ksenia Whittal - Article
Diagnosis coding is crucial for health plans looking to maximize risk adjustment transfer payments. This report focuses on the role of certain variables—carrier size, market share, and market size, to name a few—on the ACA risk adjustment formula.Transitional reinsurance at 100% coinsurance: What it means for 2014 and beyond24 June 2015 - By Daniel J. Perlman and Doug Norris and Hans K. Leida - Article

The 2014 transitional reinsurance program will have a coinsurance rate of 100% rather than 80%, and this has implications for the final 2014 financial results of issuers of individual and small group market plans that comply with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

2015 health insurance marketplace competitiveness study24 February 2015 - By Doug Norris and Matthew Smith and Samuel Bennett - Article

In this paper, we analyze the 37 states participating in the Federally Facilitated and State Partnership Marketplaces to find key competitiveness metrics that could drive future health insurance rates.

Risk corridors episode IV: No new hope18 December 2014 - By Daniel J. Perlman and Doug Norris and Hans K. Leida - Article

The rules surrounding risk corridors are continually evolving and uncertain.

Update on canceled plans: Will changes to 2014 reinsurance and risk corridor programs provide financial relief?27 January 2014 - By Doug Norris and Hans K. Leida - Article

What do the healthcare reform changes announced in November 2013 mean for insurers?

Risk corridors under the ACA01 October 2013 - By Doug Norris and Hans K. Leida and Mary van der Heijde - Article

We dispel some common misconceptions and demonstrate some of the less obvious aspects of the risk corridor program under the ACA.

Hospital cash microinsurance product in Tanzania11 September 2012 - By Doug Norris - Article

In June–July 2012, together with a commercial insurance company active in Sub-Saharan Africa, Milliman consultants developed a set of underwriting guidelines for a hospital cash microinsurance product in Tanzania.

The young are the restless: Demographic changes under health reform30 August 2011 - By Doug Norris and Mary van der Heijde - Article
Starting in 2014, insurers can no longer charge different rates for men and women, and must adhere to tighter age-rating bands. What are the implications of these changes?Health exchanges: Impact of health plan benefit changes on cost and utilization17 May 2011 - By Doug Norris and Mary van der Heijde - Article
Insurers need to properly prepare for and manage the potential for increased utilization and adverse selection when designing plans for entry into a health exchange.Chronic conditions and comorbid psychological disorders01 July 2008 - By Doug Norris and Stephen P. Melek - Article

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