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ORSA process implementation for internal stakeholders21 September 2015 - By Eamonn Phelan and Ger Bradley and and Padraic O'Malley and Zohair Motiwalla - Article

This report provides benchmarking information that will help companies address the needs of internal stakeholders in cost effectively conducting and implementing an Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) process.

Stepping stones to ORSA: Looking beyond the preparatory phase of Solvency II31 August 2015 - By Eamonn Phelan and Sinéad Clarke - Article

This paper outlines how insurers in different European countries have approached the preparatory guidelines of Solvency II and what steps can be taken to build on the progress achieved during the preparatory phase to meet the full ORSA requirements from 2016 onwards.

Unit-linked matching considerations under Solvency II28 January 2015 - By Eamonn Phelan and Kevin Manning and and Sinéad Clarke - Article

With the introduction of Solvency II next year, insurers are focusing on capital management and strategic implications surrounding the programme.

Capital management in a Solvency II world17 July 2014 - By Eamonn Phelan and and Sinéad Clarke - Article

This paper addresses key issues for insurers and reinsurers with regard to capital management in a Solvency II world, including how investment strategy fits in, uses of reinsurance, the new regulatory landscape, and more.

ORSA: An international requirement04 December 2013 - By Eamonn Phelan and and Padraic O'Malley - Article

Numerous insurance regulators around the world are introducing ORSA requirements, how do requirements compare in Europe (through Solvency II), the US, and Australia?

An application of Monte Carlo proxy techniques to variable annuity business: A case study06 November 2013 - By Eamonn Phelan and Karl Murray and Mario Hoerig and Michael Leitschkis - Article

This proxy modeling technique is well suited for variable annuity business.

Key challenges of producing a Forward Looking Assessment of Own Risk17 July 2013 - By and Padraic O'Malley and Eamonn Phelan - Article

An overview of risk assessment requirements in preparation for Solvency II.

Strategic implications of Solvency II31 January 2013 - By Andrew Kay and Eamonn Phelan - Article
Now is the time to prepare for the long-term impact of the new regime on business strategy.Issues in brief summer 2012: UK life insurance05 June 2012 - By Andrew Gilchrist and Christopher Lewis and Eamonn Phelan and Edward Morgan and Fred Vosvenieks and Neil Dissanayake and Neil Cantle - Article

Life insurance trends affecting the UK, Europe, and beyond.

Risk Appetite Review: A checklist for the first annual review30 May 2012 - By Eamonn Phelan and and Padraic O'Malley - Article

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