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Manufacturers of autonomous vehicles should be making a SPLASh to manage risk17 August 2016 - By Christine K. Kogut - Article

As liability increasingly shifts from the human driver to systems and software, original equipment manufacturers will come to the forefront as primary holders of automobile-related insurance risk.

Workers' compensation, firefighters and cancer25 March 2015 - By Christine K. Kogut - Article

More states are adopting new presumption disability laws or changing existing ones, and the need to understand the cost implications has become more important.

The current state of presuming...04 November 2014 - By Christine K. Kogut - Article

Presumption disability laws that provide workers’ comp to public safety officials with cancer have major ramifications on public entity risk pooling.

Risk assumption vehicles: To take or to transfer12 February 2014 - By Christine K. Kogut and Jessica Lasher - Article

Companies should choose risk assumption vehicles based on their overall risk tolerance and strategic objectives.

Big changes on a small island08 September 2008 - By Karl Goring and Christine K. Kogut - Article

The Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA) is moving quickly toward a flexible, risk based capital model that establishes solvency requirements for many of the island's commercial reinsurers and for those captives writing more than 50% in unrelated, third party business. Inspired

P&C Perspectives, How to finance your own terrorism risk: Captives and the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act14 March 2007 - By Christine K. Kogut - Article

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