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Maintaining and possibly enhancing underwriting discipline01 August 2009 - By Urban E. Leimkuhler and Chad C. Karls - Article
Navigating the soft market16 May 2008 - By Urban E. Leimkuhler - Article

THIS SPOTLIGHT May 16, 2008 The soft market requires P&C underwriters to adapt to competitive pressures to reduce prices and expand coverage. We asked Urb Leimkuhler and Jack Costigan how to meet this challenge. Q: What constitutes a soft market? What are its characteristics? Leimkuhler

Buy-side value: Strategy for mergers and acquisitions01 May 2008 - By Urban E. Leimkuhler - Article

Following a classic hard market — in which it was difficult for most insurers not to make money—property and casualty prices have been declining markedly for the past few years. And as this soft market deepens, it will become even more difficult

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