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Money market update for 2016: The rule that you should be aware of03 February 2016 - By Jeffrey T. Marzinsky - Article

The amendment to the Investment Advisors Act of 1940, which will take effect in October, focuses on the ability of money markets to maintain adequate liquidity and manage redemptions, especially in times of market stress.

Developing pension plan investment strategy: A variety of considerations12 November 2014 - By Jeffrey T. Marzinsky - Article

Effective management of pension plans hinges on more than just investments.

Developing an alpha beta pension plan portfolio09 October 2012 - By Jeffrey T. Marzinsky and - Article
What sponsors need to consider when developing a menu of investments with a mix of index and actively managed options.Benefits Perspectives, October 2011 - Considerations in choosing a target date fund13 October 2011 - By Jeffrey T. Marzinsky and and Stephen A. White - Article

This issue includes:"Considerations in choosing a target date fund" and "Outsourcing for Mid-sized organizations."

401(k) plan sponsors: More disclosures to help you meet your fiduciary responsibilities01 December 2008 - By Jeffrey T. Marzinsky - Article


Fiduciary compliance reviews: For your defined-contribution plan01 December 2008 - By Jeffrey T. Marzinsky - Article
403(b) plans—new rules: Are you ready for significant changes?20 November 2007 - By Ginny Boggs and Jeffrey T. Marzinsky and Kara W. Tedesco - Article

The new 403(b)rules will bring significant changes. Although the rules don't take effect until Jan. 1, 2009, plan sponsors, fiduciaries, and employers need to take action NOW to be prepared. The slides and audio provide an overview of the changes,

Hidden costs: Are 401(k) fees taking a bite out of retirement savings?01 May 2007 - By Jeffrey T. Marzinsky - Article

"Fiduciary" is the word of the decade in financial services, as many businesses have been scrutinized for lack of disclosure and conflicts of interest. Now companies with 401(k) plans are being criticized for the fee structures used to pay for plan administration. Particularly if a 401(k) provider "bundles" reco

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