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The cost of inpatient death associated with acute coronary syndrome25 February 2016 - By Durgesh Bhandary and Greta L Hoetzer and Jill Van Den Bos and Kavita V Nair and Robert L Page, II and Travis J. Gray and Vahram Ghushchyan - Article

This article compares acute coronary syndrome-related (ACS) length of stay, total admission cost, and total admission cost by day of discharge/death for patients who died during an inpatient admission with a matched cohort discharged alive following an ACS-related inpatient stay.

Factors predicting development of opioid use disorders among individuals who receive an initial opioid prescription29 July 2014 - By Annesa Flentje and Bryan N. Cochran and Daniel J. Perlman and Jean Cartere and Jill Van Den Bos and Jorge Torres and Nicholas C. Heck and Robert Valuck - Article

Study examines risk of drug dependence after initial Rx.

Ten critical considerations for health insurance plans evaluating participation in public exchange markets21 December 2012 - By Catherine M. Murphy-Barron and Craig B. Keizur and Jill Van Den Bos and Margaret A. Chance and Paul R. Houchens - Article
New terminology and issues that are critical to understand before making decisions on participation.
Work absences and expenditures for employees with autoimmune inflammatory diseases19 September 2012 - By Ahmad Naim and Jill Van Den Bos and Kavita Nair and Ksenia Whittal - Article

This article explores the the total cost burden of autoimmune inflammatory diseases from the perspective of employees and employers.

Pioneer ACOs: Quantifying risks and identifying opportunities07 February 2012 - By Jill Van Den Bos - Article

Risks associated with Pioneer ACOs and potential strategies for controlling costs.

An evaluation of the impact of patient cost sharing for antihypertensive medications on adherence, medication and healthcare utilization, and expenditures17 January 2012 - By and Jill Van Den Bos and Travis J. Gray - Article

A decrease in the proportion of days covered was predictive of higher resource utilization and health care costs.

Correlates of obesity in the U.S.01 October 2010 - By Jill Van Den Bos - Article
Vaccines: How cost, education and healthcare reform affect manufacturers01 July 2010 - By Jill Van Den Bos - Article
Medical-claims database analysis of off-label prescribing27 June 2010 - By Daniel J. Perlman and Jill Van Den Bos - Article
An examination off-label prescribing provides new insights on how medication is being used.Low cost vs. high cost patients: What medical conditions are most common01 June 2010 - By Jill Van Den Bos - Article

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