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New insurance regulations on providers participating in alternative payment arrangements02 September 2015 - By Catherine M. Murphy-Barron and Howard Kahn and Rebecca L. Johnson and Robert Parke - Article

A recent growing trend has been to shift insurance (utilization) risk from payers to providers through alternate payment contracts (APCs) in an effort to align financial compensation with performance and financially penalize providers if certain financial and quality thresholds are not met.

Payer and provider checklist for alternative payment arrangements17 February 2015 - By and Howard Kahn and Robert Parke - Article

With the adoption of nationwide healthcare reform, there are now many risk-sharing arrangements between providers and payers across all states and lines of business.

New York DISCOs: Critical factors for financial viability04 February 2014 - By and and Robert Parke - Article

The Medicaid benefit framework is changing, and managed care organizations and providers serving developmentally disabled populations are facing new challenges.

Risk adjustment for pediatric populations12 November 2013 - By Howard Kahn and Robert Parke and Rong Yi - Article

Do existing risk management methodologies capture the characteristics of pediatric-only populations?

The Medicare Shared Savings Program and the Pioneer Accountable Care Organizations09 May 2012 - By Victoria Boyarsky and Robert Parke - Article
A comparison of two initiatives that are aimed at reducing healthcare costs.Using Medicare RBRVS for reimbursing out-of-network claims in commercial insurance15 February 2012 - By Howard Kahn and Robert Parke - Article
The differences in reimbursement levels between fee schedules based on Medicare’s RBRVS and benchmark data based on prevailing charges have led to unexpected results.Doubling productivity in rural villages in Ghana27 October 2011 - By Robert Parke - Article

Milliman’s consultants help an engineering team develop a business plan to distribute solar powered lights in Ghana.

Health care reform American style and the rise of ACOs (De Actuaris)30 September 2011 - By Robert Parke and Roeleke Uildriks - Article

In this article we describe how Americans access care and the likely impact of healthcare reform on both access and cost.

ACOs beyond Medicare22 April 2011 - By Victoria Boyarsky and Howard Kahn and David P. Mirkin and Robert Parke - Article
Individual providers are likely to join larger systems, many of which will find partnering with a health plan most advantageous.A first look at ACOs' risky business: Quality is not enough11 April 2011 - By Kathryn V. Fitch and David P. Mirkin and Catherine M. Murphy-Barron and Robert Parke and Bruce S. Pyenson - Article
ACO regs represent opportunity for less efficient systems, hurdle for more efficient systems.
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