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2016 reflections on the favorable cost-benefit of lung cancer screening23 May 2016 - By Bruce S. Pyenson and Gabriela Dieguez - Article

This article gives a basic background on cost-benefit analyses in healthcare, using lung cancer screening as a case study.

The impact of pre-deductible features in select marketplaces06 May 2016 - By Bruce S. Pyenson and Gabriela Dieguez and Katherine Simon - Article

This report illustrates the potential impact on premiums and out of pocket costs if some of the existing popular plans in the individual federally funded marketplace shifted to standardized benefits.

Cost drivers of cancer care: A retrospective analysis of Medicare and commercially insured population claim data 2004-201414 April 2016 - By Bruce S. Pyenson and Kathryn V. Fitch and Pamela M. Pelizzari - Article
This report identifies trends in the overall and component costs of cancer care, creates comparisons to cost trends in the non-cancer population, and identifies several drivers influencing the rising cost of cancer care.Multiple sclerosis: New perspectives on the patient journey08 April 2016 - By Bruce S. Pyenson and Feng Han and and Michael Mastroianni and Michele M. Berrios - Article

Multiple sclerosis continues to be one of the top specialty management priorities for health plans and pharmacy benefit managers.

Impact of increasing the Medicare Part D specialty threshold16 October 2015 - By Bruce S. Pyenson and Gabriela Dieguez and Jennifer Carioto - Article

This report examines the changes to member cost sharing for users of specialty drugs that would no longer exceed the Medicare Part D threshold.

An actuarial approach to the incremental cost of Hepatitis C in the absence of curative treatments24 September 2015 - By Andrew Bochner and Bruce S. Pyenson and Ryan Cannon - Article

HCV is the leading cause of both liver-related deaths and liver transplants in the United States. The high cost of new antiviral medicines has sparked debate over the cost of treating HCV, and some payers are seeking ways to minimize their spending on these medicines.

Medicare cost of colorectal cancer screening: CT colonography vs. optical colonoscopy22 September 2015 - By Bruce S. Pyenson and Michele M. Berrios and Perry J. Pickhardt and Tia Goss Sawhney - Article

This paper compares the Medicare population cost of colorectal cancer (CRC) screening of average risk individuals by CT colonoscopy (CTC) versus optical colonoscopy (OC).

Understanding the Part D spending dynamics of heart failure patients18 August 2015 - By Bruce S. Pyenson and Gabriela Dieguez and Michael Bellanich - Article

Understanding the drug spending by heart failure patients requires an evaluation of the complex interactions between members, payers, and manufacturers in Part D.

The high cost of heart failure for health systems: Opportunities for better management22 July 2015 - By Bruce S. Pyenson and Kathryn V. Fitch and Tyler Engel - Article

This report details the utilization and cost of Medicare heart failure (HF) patients at the level of metropolitan statistical areas.

Aging will affect Medicare’s Hepatitis C mortality and cost16 July 2015 - By Bruce S. Pyenson and Gabriela Dieguez and Ryan Cannon - Article

This paper examines the mortality and cost dynamics affecting Medicare as the majority of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)-infected people age into Medicare.

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