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Analysis of cancer care under the ACA risk adjustment methodology22 January 2016 - By Catherine M. Murphy-Barron and Howard Kahn and Rong Yi - Article

An analysis on actual claims data using stochastic simulations to model if the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA) risk adjustment is able to fully compensate carriers for adverse selection on cancer claims.

Risk adjustment for pediatric populations12 November 2013 - By Howard Kahn and Robert Parke and Rong Yi - Article

Do existing risk management methodologies capture the characteristics of pediatric-only populations?

Uncertainty in risk adjustment28 September 2012 - By Rong Yi and Syed Muzayan - Article

Risk adjustment and knowing how to quantify risk will play a central role in national healthcare reform.

Making workers’ compensation medical costs more manageable21 June 2012 - By Rong Yi and Stephen R. DiCenso - Article

Workers’ compensation insurers can now tap newer, more advanced predictive modeling platforms as a way to contain the spiraling costs of medical claims and thereby gain a competitive advantage. But they can only take advantage of these modeling platforms if they have endorsement from all levels of the organizati

Risk adjustment: Important considerations for global payments to providers20 July 2011 - By Rong Yi and Jonathan Shreve and - Article
Risk adjustment has become an important tool in setting global payments in provider payment reforms. A discussion of key principles and important considerations.Risk adjustment and its applications in global payments to providers18 July 2011 - By Rong Yi and Jonathan Shreve and - Article
This paper discusses the main characteristics of risk adjustment models and the use of risk adjustment in provider payment reforms.What kind of risk adjustment systems are necessary for health insurance exchanges?22 October 2010 - By Rong Yi and Diane E. Laurent - Article
States and organizations tasked to develop exchanges should be prepared to deal with imperfections in risk adjustment.Risk adjustment: Health calculus for the reform environment28 June 2010 - By Joanne E. Fontana and Rong Yi - Article
Risk adjustment is poised to play a critical role in the implementation of healthcare reform.
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