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Impact of Changing ACA Age Rating Structure31 January 2017 - By Joanne E. Fontana and Sean S. Hilton and Thomas D. Murawski - Article

This research paper reviews individual market premium-setting rules prior to and after the advent of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care act and summarizes existing research of various age banding restrictions on health insurance premiums and enrollment.

GASB 74/75: Impact on small government employers25 August 2016 - By Joanne E. Fontana - Article

This article reviews the Alternative Measurement Method, which is used by small government employers in lieu of an actuarial valuation.

Healthcare reform: What about dental?06 March 2012 - By Joanne E. Fontana - Article
Healthcare reform will have a major impact on how dental insurance is offered, what services are covered, and the cost of coverage.Lessons for GASB 45 valuations: Questions remain on OPEB, particularly for smaller governments01 January 2011 - By Joanne E. Fontana - Article
The answers to some common questions about GASB 45 compliance.Risk adjustment: Health calculus for the reform environment28 June 2010 - By Joanne E. Fontana and Rong Yi - Article
Risk adjustment is poised to play a critical role in the implementation of healthcare reform.Small but not simple: Solving small employers' GASB 45 puzzle01 September 2008 - By Joanne E. Fontana - Article

GASB 45 has already placed requirements on large government entities. Now smaller public employers face their own deadlines. GASB 45 poses a particular challenge to these entities because of the cost of valuing the liability and the potential size of

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