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Planning for NAIC ORSA26 April 2013 - By Chris Suchar and Joy A. Schwartzman and Matthew G. Killough and Wayne E. Blackburn - Article

Sophisticated risk assessment will be key to complying with U.S. ORSA requirements.

Surplus lines: On the mend—but will it last?18 January 2013 - By Joy A. Schwartzman - Article
What results from the past decade show about today\'s surplus lines segment and where it might be going in the near future.Recipes for disaster09 June 2011 - By Christine M. Fleming and and Jason B. Kurtz and Sean McAllister and and Joy A. Schwartzman and Toshio Tanaka - Article
Examining differences among uninsured loss figures from recent natural disasters around the world illuminates how different countries manage catastrophic risk.The Dodd-Frank Act and the insurance industry: Strategic considerations of U.S. financial reform27 September 2010 - By Joy A. Schwartzman and - Article
What are the potential implications of the new federal oversight of the insurance industry?A pressing need: China offers a huge opportunity for all insurance lines, but especially for property/casualty writers01 February 2009 - By Pang-Hsiang Chye and Joy A. Schwartzman - Article

China had a unique opportunity to be the first country to develop an earthquake insurance system ahead of a major catastrophe. That opportunity was lost with the 2008 Sichuan Province earthquake, but the event spurred increased dialogue about the country's

The game of pass the risk: Then and now01 December 2008 - By Joy A. Schwartzman - Article

This essay reviews the similarities and differences between the conditions that preceded  the London Market Excess spiral and those that  led to the collapse of subprime residential mortgage backed securities that sparked the current financial crisis. Read or print the

Money for nothing?29 September 2008 - By Ram Kelkar and Joy A. Schwartzman and Gary Wells - Article

The current credit crisis has turned the global financial markets upside down and inside out. The implications continue to emerge.

The ripple effect01 June 2008 - By Joy A. Schwartzman and Michael C. Schmitz - Article

The subprime crisis continues to ripple out into new markets. What are the ramifications for insurers? This article, which originally appeared in Insight magazine (Spring 2008), looks at various insurance lines, including title insurance, D&O, E&O, and financial guarantors. It

Collateral damage: The subprime meltdown and its impact on the insurance industry01 May 2008 - By Joy A. Schwartzman and Michael C. Schmitz - Article

Prior to the collapse of the subprime residential mortgage backed securities (RMBS) market, few people outside of the insurance industry or Wall Street were even aware of monoline financial guarantee insurers, the companies that guarantee the principal and interest of

Shifting the regulatory burden?21 April 2008 - By Joy A. Schwartzman and Michael C. Schmitz - Article

THIS SPOTLIGHT April 21, 2008 Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson recently proposed an optional federal charter for the insurance industry. This Spotlight is excerpted from a larger article on the subprime crisis that will appear in Insight magazine on May 10.

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