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2014 federal insurance exchange: Evaluation of insurer participation and consumer choice02 December 2013 - By Jason Clarkson and Michael G. Sturm and Paul R. Houchens - Article

Insurance plan information for the federal individual exchange market and 32 states has been releasedgiving consumers and the health insurance industry the first opportunity to view the landscape of the new exchange market.

CO-OPs and community health centers: Kindred spirits03 August 2012 - By Helen E. Blumen and Michael G. Sturm - Article
When CO-OPs should use community health centers to enroll members.Healthcare reform in 2012: Blind curves ahead23 February 2012 - By John D. Meerschaert and Michael G. Sturm - Article

How the outcomes of the Supreme Court proceedings and the November general election may affect healthcare reform.

Top 10 actuarial issues for a health exchange07 March 2011 - By Michael G. Sturm - Article

Each state needs to create a healthcare exchange that fits its own unique situation.

CORAL helps insurance startup gain an edge12 July 2010 - By Michael G. Sturm - Article
Milliman software program lets a startup insurance company size up the competition.Consumer-driven healthcare: Taking the long view01 November 2006 - By Michael G. Sturm - Article

Part of life's excitement lies in its unpredictability. Yet the future's uncertainty can also leave us with a trepid, "in the dark" sensation—and that's how some stakeholders are looking at consumer driven healthcare (CDHC). They ask, "How can CDHC work,

BP, Winter 200401 March 2004 - By Dawilla Madsen and Dominick Pizzano and Kara W. Tedesco and Michael G. Sturm and - Article

This issue includes: "Preventive medicine for health and welfare plans," "Can the rise of consumerism control increasing healthcare costs," and "Controlled groups: Implications for qualified plans."

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