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Projecting longevity and mortality using stochastic models12 January 2017 - By Daniel Theodore - Article

The setting of assumptions for future mortality and longevity requires a new approach that recognizes and quantifies the risk of results varying from the best estimate mortality and mortality improvement.

Diversification of longevity and mortality risk02 March 2016 - By Daniel Theodore and Stuart Silverman - Article

There is real value for an insurer in performing stochastic modeling with volatile mortality assumptions when pricing, setting deterministic margins, determining economic capital, and determining its optimal mix of business.

Longevity plan19 February 2013 - By Daniel Theodore and Danny L. Quant and Zorast Wadia - Article

This article explores the trend of employers offering defined benefit and defined contribution plans that coexist and complement one another.

How mortality volatility will affect your portfolio01 October 2007 - By Stuart Silverman and Daniel Theodore - Article
The changing face of mortality risk in the United States01 September 2007 - By Daniel Theodore - Article
Introduction to private placement VUL01 November 2002 - By Daniel Theodore - Article

The Product Development Section has just completed its 20th year — and what a successful 20 years it has been! Over the years, the Section has grown and broadened, and now provides a broad array of programs and services to support the needs of product development actuaries. It has been steady progress, and we plan to h

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