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Benefits Perspectives: July 201629 July 2016 - By Jinnie Olson and Matt Kaufman - Article

This issue features “Helping employers in their retirement: 401(k) decisions, decisions, decisions!” and “Helping 401(k) plan participants calculate withdrawal rates in retirement.”

Top 10 New Year’s resolutions for plan sponsors of retirement plans18 December 2014 - By Jinnie Olson - Article

A list of ten ideas plan sponsors can adopt to improve their retirement plans and lessen the burden during audit time.

Millennials: Making room for retirement savings05 June 2014 - By Jinnie Olson - Article

Millennials can take steps to help ensure retirement security despite the economic challenges that their generation has faced.

Ten things your 401(k) wants you to know10 October 2013 - By Jinnie Olson - Article
If your 401(k) plan could talk, what advice would it give you?Promoting defined contribution plans: 10 tips for plan sponsors05 September 2013 - By Jinnie Olson - Article

Ideas for plan sponsors that can help employees get the most from their retirement plans.

Retirement planning: 12 practical tips for Millennials19 January 2012 - By Jinnie Olson - Article
It may not be the first thing on most Millennials’ minds, but there’s planning and action needed now to secure a stable retirement future.Case study: Meeting the unique needs of multiemployer plans in DC administration01 November 2011 - By Jinnie Olson - Article

Milliman has long had a strong relationship with Taft Hartley Defined Benefit Plans.

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