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Growing pains: Consumer-driven healthcare savings and the need for better information01 May 2008 - By Jack P. Burke and Bruce S. Pyenson and Robert J. Pipich - Article

Anyone paying attention has heard an awful lot of talk about the cost of healthcare. In recent years, a number of healthcare plans stepped forward with an innovative new strategy, which they dubbed a consumer driven health plan (CDHP). The

Experience matters: Risk-adjusted CDHP savings28 April 2008 - By Jack P. Burke - Article

April 28, 2008 THIS INTERVIEW Milliman recently studied actual cost savings of CDHPs. Report coauthor Jack Burke explains what we're currently seeing from CDHPs and what we might expect in the future. Consumer driven health plans (CDHPs) are viewed as

Consumer-driven impact study01 April 2008 - By Jack P. Burke and Robert J. Pipich - Article

Do consumer driven health plans (CDHPs) help reduce healthcare costs? Many have opined on this issue but actual experience has been lacking. So Milliman, in partnership with the National Business Group on Health (NBGH), undertook the industry's first independent, risk

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