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Singapore FinTech Festival to feature Artificial Intelligence retirement solution31 October 2018 - By Wade Matterson and Richard W. Holloway and Paul Sinnott and Michael Daly and Stephen H. Conwill and Sanket Kawatkar and Pang-Hsiang Chye and Farzana Ismail and Brian Colgan and Chihong An and Wing F. Wong and Sharon Huang and Jiang Guanjun - Article

Wade Matterson will present on using artificial intelligence to solve the retirement riddle at the Singapore FinTech Festival on 13 November.

Update on IRDA motor third-party insurance tariff05 April 2013 - By Jack Jiang and Pang-Hsiang Chye - Article

IRDA relaxes rate hikes for motor third-party insurers.

India motor: Finally, light at the end of the tunnel?14 March 2013 - By Jack K. Jiang and Pang-Hsiang Chye - Article

IRDA’s proposed rate increases should boost India motor insurance profitability.

China: Exposure draft on new regulations for insurance portfolio transfers04 April 2011 - By Michael Daly and Pang-Hsiang Chye and Paul Sinnott and Wing F. Wong - Article
A review of an exposure draft released in March by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission regarding transfers of portfolios by insurance companies that are not dissolved, bankrupt, or insolvent.A pressing need: China offers a huge opportunity for all insurance lines, but especially for property/casualty writers01 February 2009 - By Pang-Hsiang Chye and Joy A. Schwartzman - Article

China had a unique opportunity to be the first country to develop an earthquake insurance system ahead of a major catastrophe. That opportunity was lost with the 2008 Sichuan Province earthquake, but the event spurred increased dialogue about the country's

Tri-cycles in Hong Kong the underwriting cycle01 May 2005 - By Pang-Hsiang Chye - Article

10 Milliman Global Insurance The Economic Cycle In part, the underwriting cycle illustrated in Figure 1 was related to the economic cycle. Growth in insurance premiums is strongly correlated to the general economy (Figure 2). During the economic downturn, premium growth slowed and insurers competed harder for scarce ne

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