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Pension reforms in Central and Eastern Europe: Public to private, and back to public25 February 2019 - By Dominic Clark - Article

Central and Eastern Europe’s experience of the pension reform process can illuminate some of the pitfalls of embracing systemic pension reforms too eagerly, with subsequent reversal of these reforms occurring some years later as governments found themselves increasingly under financial strain.

International M&A: The importance of independent actuarial advice and local expertise08 March 2018 - By Dominic Clark - Article

Milliman assists a global IT company in carrying out valuations for accounting purposes, covering operations in a number of countries.

Applying asset-liability management techniques to an Italian pension fund21 June 2017 - By Dominic Clark - Article

A large Italian institutional pension fund comes to Milliman for assistance with its subfunds.

Dynamic Policyholder Behaviour and Management Actions Survey Report03 October 2013 - By Dominic Clark and Edward Morgan and Jeremy Kent - Article

Survey results presenting current practices for modeling dynamic policyholder behavior and management actions in Europe, the US, and Japan.

VIF monetisation for life insurers: Key drivers and considerations25 April 2013 - By Scott C. Mitchell and Dominic Clark - Article

The value-of-in-force business (VIF) is a concept used within insurance that essentially refers to the future profits expected to emerge from a particular life insurance portfolio.

VIF monetisation for life insurers - key drivers and considerations09 November 2012 - By Scott Mitchell and Dominic Clark - Article
The practical context and potential benefits of value-of-in-force business for life insurers.
Operational risk under Solvency II: A brief overview of current approaches27 July 2012 - By Dominic Clark and Henny Verheugen and Jeremy Kent and Neil Cantle - Article
Managing operational risk is increasingly important for insurance management.Dynamic Management Actions06 March 2012 - By Dominic Clark and Edward Morgan and Jeremy Kent - Article
How modeling DMA is a crucial link between Pillar I and Pillar II of Solvency II.Allowing for illiquidity and other market stress impacts in the valuation of insurance liabilities10 January 2012 - By Scott Mitchell and Dominic Clark - Article
Why it’s important to consider some form of mechanism to allow for illiquidity during periods of market stress.Review and validation of the standard formula implementation under Solvency II and the Swiss Solvency Test06 December 2011 - By Scott Mitchell and Dominic Clark - Article
Full implementation of the standard formula under both Solvency II and SST is far from trivial and requires review and validation.
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