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Medicare Supplement: Climbing a slippery slope?17 July 2019 - By Kenneth L. Clark - Article

What are the theoretical actuarial considerations and areas of opportunity in the Medicare Supplement business?

Will the Medicare Supplement market have 2020 vision in the world of MACRA?28 September 2016 - By Kenneth L. Clark - Article

The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) will affect the Medicare Supplement industry in calendar year 2020.

Are Medicare Supplement carriers prepared for 2020? Implications of new legislation and an opportunity to critique old rate structures28 September 2016 - By Kenneth L. Clark - Article

Plan F will no longer be an option for individuals newly eligible for Medicare and will change the Medicare Supplement landscape.

Should you consider offering Medicare Supplement plans alongside your Medicare Advantage product?22 February 2016 - By Kenneth L. Clark and T. Scott Bentley - Article

This article provides information on adding a Medicare Supplement (MedSupp) to a Medicare product portfolio and explores MedSupp challenges and risks.

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