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Diabetes burden on population groups: Research summary22 July 2019 - By Matt Berman and Scott Lain - Article
This report provides data on the burden of diabetes on various subsets of the U.S. population.Mitigating out-of-pocket costs for insulin users30 May 2019 - By Matt Berman and Scott Lain and Luke Metz - Article

This report identifies potential approaches that plan administrators could take in an effort to reduce out-of-pocket costs for insulin-taking members.

Mitigating out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs27 March 2017 - By Elizabeth Anne Jackson and Matt Berman - Article

This analysis identifies tactics plan administrators could adopt that would reduce out-of-pocket costs for brand-name drugs.

Pull-through capabilities: Communicating effectively with prescribers about cost and coverage21 February 2014 - By Andrew Pollpeter and Matt Berman - Article

A five step process to help establish pull through capability and inform prescribing decisions.

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