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Six challenges to successful adoption of value-based care in the Middle East15 November 2019 - By Lalit Baveja and Alison Counihan and Carol Bazell - Article

The successful adoption of value-based care in the Middle East faces important challenges.

Complex/high-risk patient targeting case study23 February 2018 - By Lalit Baveja and Tanya Hayward - Article

This article discusses a clinic-based community intervention designed to improve access and quality of care for high-utilising, high-risk patients over the course of three years.

Chronic disease management: Considerations for international adoption10 January 2018 - By Lalit Baveja - Article

The literature shows that a disease management programme is not a guarantee of cost savings, but in addition to community health improvements and improved clinical outcomes, desired cost savings can be realised if the programme is designed correctly.

Administrative benchmarks for health insurance in India25 April 2017 - By Lalit Baveja - Article

Milliman can help clients improve their administrative performance by conducting company function-by-function comparisons of administrative performance and staffing levels versus competitors and peers, and recommending appropriate process improvement initiatives.

Changing gears for changing times: Population health analytics and India's health insurance industry12 April 2017 - By Lalit Baveja - Article

Sophisticated population health analytics enable insurers to make smarter and more informed decisions on financial trend drivers, and can help medical management departments by more effectively allocating disease and care management resources.

Top-down cost-allocation can help universal healthcare schemes in developing countries set better package rates12 June 2014 - By Kshama Saluja and Shailesh Maloo and Lalit Baveja and Dr. Sudhanshu Bansal - Article

Achieving fair provider payments is a key element for governments looking to expand universal healthcare programs.

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