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Health microinsurance instructional pricing tool05 October 2015 - By Aaron S. Wright and Ashlee Mouton Borcan and Daniel Henry and Josh Collins and Rebecca L. Johnson and Robert M. Damler - Article

Milliman and the International Actuarial Association have collaborated on a health microinsurance pricing tool for the microinsurance community.

Calendar year 2016 Medicare Part B premium increase: Impact on state Medicaid programs02 October 2015 - By Ian M. McCulla and Robert M. Damler - Article

This year, preliminary estimates indicate that the increase in the Medicare Part B premium will be higher than the cost inflation alone, and a quirk in the laws may require the increase to be spread unevenly among beneficiaries, at least for this year.

Medicaid expansion: A comparison of two states under Section 1115 demonstration waivers31 August 2015 - By Christopher T. Pettit and Robert M. Damler - Article

This article provides a comparison of two Medicaid expansion programs: the Healthy Michigan Plan and the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) 2.0.

Medicaid and the ACA06 May 2015 - By Marlene Howard and Robert M. Damler - Article

Many aspects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) provide additional opportunities for eligibility and benefit changes that would interest key stakeholders and warrant consideration in actuarial budget forecasts.

Fixed offer or competitive bid? Choosing the right Medicaid managed care contracting methodology for your state’s needs05 March 2015 - By Reiko Osaki and Tom Arnold and Jeremy D. Palmer and Robert M. Damler - Article

State Medicaid agencies face mounting pressure to deliver high quality care at an affordable cost.

Identifying high-risk members under a Medicaid expansion program: Experience in Indiana07 May 2014 - By W. John Semmens and Christine M. Mytelka and Robert M. Damler - Article

A successful model for states that are seeking a methodology for identifying the medically frail.

Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act01 October 2013 - By Robert M. Damler - Article

The impact of Medicaid expansion on existing state Medicaid programs and how it varies by state.

Considerations for Medicaid expansion through health insurance exchange coverage11 April 2013 - By Robert M. Damler - Article

Policy and financial considerations for implementing Medicaid expansion by using Medicaid dollars for premium subsidies to purchase coverage in a state exchange.

Social Security and modified adjusted gross income: Estimated impact to Medicaid enrollment under the PPACA27 July 2011 - By Robert M. Damler and Paul R. Houchens - Article
Beginning in 2014, more than 2 million people may qualify for Medicaid even though their households have significant Social Security or Supplemental Security Income.Milliman explains assumptions and methodology used in Nebraska Medicaid budget exposure analysis17 September 2010 - By Robert M. Damler - Article

Seattle—Milliman has been retained by several states, most visibly Nebraska and Indiana, to calculate the budget exposure for state Medicaid agencies created by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Recent criticism of this analysis, especially in Nebraska, ignores the explanations of methodologies in our report and overlooks important implications that go beyond the bottom line numbers.

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