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Healthcare cost: Manage the causes, not the effect19 March 2010 - By William Rifkin and Ronald G. Harris and Thomas D. Snook - Article

If cost containment is the goal, then what should be the means to that end? While price controls may seem like a solution, they are likely to further weigh down a healthcare system that is already heavy with perverse incentives.

Adverse selection and the individual mandate19 October 2009 - By Thomas D. Snook and Ronald G. Harris - Article

Several of the reform bills in Congress share a common theme: A move away from the rating and underwriting techniques, and a move toward an individual mandate where all people are required to obtain health insurance.

Understanding healthcare plan costs and complexities15 June 2009 - By Thomas D. Snook and Robert H. Dobson and Ronald G. Harris - Article

The many available choices in the U.S. commercial insurance market, combined with the unique complexities of the current healthcare market, create a complex cause and effect matrix that is reflected in a range of different health plan costs. This paper

Transforming healthcare: Identifying the failures and unlocking the potential of our current system01 May 2009 - By Clark Slipher and Ronald G. Harris - Article

The imperative for reforming our healthcare system is strong and growing. Milliman and its diverse clients, in their daily work, come face to face with shortcomings involving healthcare access, quality, and cost. In this article we hope to begin the

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