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The uncertainties and benefits of gene and cell therapies: A payer's dilemma06 February 2019 - By Elizabeth Anne Jackson and Jessica Naber - Article
When it comes to gene and cell therapies, there are a number of risks and benefits that payers should consider.The effect of a pediatric rare disease on subscriber retention rates for commercial health insurers in the United States03 October 2018 - By Edmund J. Pezalla and Samuel R. Nussbaum and Melanie K. Kuester and Elizabeth Anne Jackson and Brenda Runyan - Article

Insurers, policymakers, and government agencies in the United States may find it useful to have an accurate expectation for the length of enrollment by subscribers with a dependent who suffers from a pediatric rare disease and may be a candidate for a regenerative therapy with a potentially prolonged benefit.

Mitigating out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs27 March 2017 - By Elizabeth Anne Jackson and Matt Berman - Article

This analysis identifies tactics plan administrators could adopt that would reduce out-of-pocket costs for brand-name drugs.

The future is now: Are payers ready for gene therapies?26 January 2017 - By Elizabeth Anne Jackson and Jessica Naber - Article

Treating patients with gene therapies could avoid years of medical and drug expenses for both patients and payers.

Current perspectives of U.S. Managed Care Organizations and Pharmacy Benefit Managers on the availability of 10 mg Lipitor OTC09 December 2015 - By Brenda Runyan and Elizabeth Anne Jackson - Article

Milliman conducted market research with pharmacy and therapeutics committee members of U.S. managed care organizations and pharmacy benefit managers to gain their perspectives on the potential availability of 10 mg Lipitor over-the-counter.

Frequently asked questions: FAQ with a focus on smoking cessation benefits01 January 2010 - By Elizabeth Anne Jackson and Stephen P. Melek - Article

Frequently asked questions

Key elements and implications for smoking cessation01 January 2010 - By Elizabeth Anne Jackson and Stephen P. Melek - Article
Get the information you need to understand MHPAEA compliance requirements and their application to smoking cessation benefits.
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