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Lost in the mists of time07 November 2018 - By David W. Benbow - Article

Plan sponsors should have solid procedures in place for locating lost participants and initiating their benefit payments- or they could end up spending a lot of time documenting the details or perhaps defending their actions (or inactions) in an audit.

Advantages of lump-sum windows04 April 2016 - By David W. Benbow - Article

A lump-sum window can be an effective way for a sponsor to protect the defined benefit plan from market volatility and reduce administrative expenses.

Case study: Administrative challenges of a large lump-sum offer29 March 2016 - By David W. Benbow - Article

Milliman consultants, actuaries, and call center representatives worked together to help a client offer lump sums to over 15,000 retirees and terminated participants in order to de-risk their pension plan.

Are pensions dead?05 January 2015 - By David W. Benbow - Article

Pension plans haven’t died, but they are on life support.

DOL, your silence is deafening01 April 2014 - By David W. Benbow - Article

The Department of Labor hadn't issued guidance promised to defined benefit plan sponsors in 2007, likely causing plan sponsors to spend extra time and money producing statements.

Lost participants: Better late than never?21 March 2013 - By David W. Benbow - Article

Best practices for pension administration.

Benefits Perspectives: Are QDROs Driving you Quazy?12 March 2013 - By David W. Benbow - Article

Current issues in employee benefits.

Case study: Implementing administration of a frozen multiemployer defined benefit plan: Achieving efficiency and compliance17 December 2012 - By David W. Benbow - Article

Our client asked Milliman to administer its frozen multiple-employer defined benefit pension plan.

Form 8955-SSA, Participant Statement: More Than Meets the Eye21 October 2011 - By David W. Benbow - Article
Case study: DB plan implementation case study: Procedural overhaul makes DB plan administration a breeze01 April 2011 - By David W. Benbow - Article

A company approached Milliman with concerns over the administration and operational compliance of its two defined benefit pension plans (a 450 employee union plan and a 3,500 employee salaried plan).

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