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Bitcoin: Should plan sponsors consider it for retirement plans?09 March 2018 - By Charles Hodge - Article

Is bitcoin an appropriate investment vehicle for retirement plan sponsors?

Foundation blends active and passive investment management to reduce costs and enhance returns11 February 2016 - By Charles Hodge - Article

A foundation sets a goal to restructure its investments, and Milliman helps.

U.S. Federal Reserve policy shifts from calendar to economic targets: Considerations for investors15 March 2013 - By Charles Hodge - Article

Plan sponsors and trustees should take action now to prepare for coming rate changes.

Case study: Liability-driven investing protects assets and reduces future contributions09 April 2012 - By Charles Hodge and Jeremy White - Article

This case study explores how one Investment Committee’s decision to incorporate an LDI strategy resulted in an improvement in funded position of $15 million and a reduction of $2.6 million for the 2012 plan year minimum required contribution.

Case study: City reduces liability and cost by pre-funding Post Employment Benefit Trust26 September 2011 - By Charles Hodge - Article

A city prefunded their Post Employment Benefit Trust (PEB Trust) to reduce the Annual Required Contribution (ARC) total liability and begin securing the benefits.

BP, Winter 2009/201018 March 2010 - By Charles Hodge and Dominick Pizzano and Heidi tenBroek - Article

This issue features: "The transparency of target date model portfolios," "The DB and NDCP funding conundrum," and "Considering a healthcare dependent eligibility audit?"

Case study: Custom target date model portfolios enhance company's 401(k) plan24 April 2009 - By Charles Hodge - Article

Milliman was retained by a national hospitality company with more than 12,000 employees to assist in a review of its 401(k) plan investment strategy.

BP, Fall 200201 December 2002 - By Charles Hodge and Daniel D. Skwire and Dominick Pizzano - Article

This issue includes: "Ten questions to ask about your disability plan," "Tools for successful asset allocation in a defined contribution plan," and "Nonqualified "401(k) mirror" plans: Gazing beyond the looking glass."

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