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Industry responses to the 2019 IFRS 17 Exposure Draft22 October 2019 - By Thomas Bulpitt and Henny Verheugen and Andrew Kay - Article

This note summarises some of the key points and remaining issues raised during the consultation period for the Exposure Draft, particularly those raised by the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group and the European Insurance CFO Forum.

IFRS 17: Where to from here?29 May 2019 - By Andrew Kay and Eamon Comerford - Article

This presentation, given at the Society of Actuaries in Ireland’s annual convention (24th May 2019), includes updates on the latest developments including recent amendments to the IFRS 17 Standard and timeline.

Amendments to IFRS 17 from March 2019 IASB Meeting25 March 2019 - By Rik van Beers and Andrew Gilchrist and Laura Hobern and Andrew Kay and Thomas Bulpitt - Article

Milliman consultants have produced a summary of the March IASB meeting and the tentative amendments approved by the Board.

IFRS 17: Latest developments14 November 2018 - By Andrew Kay and William C. Hines and Eamon Comerford and Amritpal Khangura - Article

Andrew Kay, William Hines, Eamon Comerford and Amritpal Khangura discuss the latest developments regarding IFRS 17.

IFRS 17: Implementation challenges22 May 2018 - By John Bolger and Andrew Kay - Article
At the Society of Actuaries in Ireland’s Annual Convention, Andrew Kay discusses IFRS 17, sharing some insights about practical issues and implementation challenges, including possible synergies with Solvency II.IFRS 17: Discount Rates08 March 2018 - By Thomas Bulpitt and Andrew Gilchrist and Andrew Kay - Article

This paper focuses on the approaches available under IFRS 17 for the derivation of the discount rates for use in the various calculations required by the Standard.

Loss absorbing capacity of deferred tax in Ireland25 January 2018 - By Padraic O'Malley and Andrew Kay - Article

The loss absorbing capacity of deferred tax (LACDT) is one of the key elements of a company’s Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR).

IFRS 17: Risk Adjustment07 December 2017 - By Thomas Bulpitt and Andrew Gilchrist and Philip Simpson and Andrew Kay - Article

This paper focuses on the choice of calculation methodology for the Risk Adjustment that forms part of the Fulfilment Cash Flows under the General Model in IFRS 17.

IFRS 17: Life Insurance Seminar19 October 2017 - By William C. Hines and Andrew Kay and Padraic O'Malley and Henny Verheugen - Article

Our IFRS 17 Seminar provided a detailed view of the requirements, methodology and practical challenges involved in implementing the new insurance contract standard, IFRS 17.

Milliman IFRS 17 preparedness survey18 July 2017 - By Ronan Judge and Aisling Barrett and Andrew Kay and Gillian Tucker - Article

This briefing note summarises key findings from our recent IFRS 17 preparedness survey completed by both local Irish insurers and international insurers.

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