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Getting hitched without the hitch: Wedding insurance for cancellations, weather, and other fiascos21 February 2017 - By Elizabeth Bart - Article

Wedding insurance can help protect against financial losses on the big day.

Four critical questions insurers must address before writing cyber coverage29 June 2016 - By Elizabeth Bart and Thomas A. Ryan - Article

The cyber insurance market is creating both challenges and opportunities for risk managers and insurers.

Developing cyber insurance products and services: Three recent case studies04 April 2016 - By Elizabeth Bart - Article

Even as cyber risk becomes an issue for the C-suite and boards of directors in all companies, the cost information available does not lend much insight for small- and medium-sized businesses or for those with less exposure to cyber.

Predictive analytics for self-insureds04 November 2013 - By Elizabeth Bart - Article

Is it time for self-insureds to reap the benefits of predictive analytics and improve their bottom line?

Ever-increasing unpaid claim liabilities: When does the growth stop?29 March 2013 - By Elizabeth Bart - Article

What causes unpaid workers' compensation claim liabilities to increase over time?

Cyber risk management: Breaches, threats, and vulnerabilities24 December 2012 - By Elizabeth Bart - Article
Cyber risk is not a mere technology issue, but a pervasive business risk with significant negative impact on assets, revenues, and profitability.Product liability: On your shelves but not on your balance sheet?22 March 2012 - By Elizabeth Bart - Article
Product liability is unpredictable, but product manufacturers can plan for the unexpected by managing loss reserves and unearned reserves.Japanese Casualty Insurers Show Resilience14 September 2011 - By Sean McAllister and Elizabeth Bart - Article
The Japanese insurance industry is not expected to suffer significant financial impairment from the devastating Tohoku earthquake. How is this possible?
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