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Understanding VM-20 Results18 August 2017 - By William C. Hines and Karen K. Rudolph and William M. Sayre and David Wang - Article

This research surveys the sources of reserve movement and volatility, surveys other reporting regimes for potential attribution approaches, conducts interviews with financial reporting actuaries regarding their use of attribution methods, and provides a demonstration of a proposed attribution approach for a case study for VM-20 valuations.

Issues and challenges in a principle-based reserving world30 September 2015 - By James G. Stoltzfus and Karen K. Rudolph and Uri Sobel and William M. Sayre - Article

This paper focuses on the potential impact of the new Actuarial Guideline 48 requirements.

A field test of the principle-based approach to life insurance reserves and capital01 October 2009 - By Uri Sobel and Ken Joyce and Craig A. Roberts and Karen K. Rudolph and William M. Sayre - Article
Asset adequacy analysis—whys and hows05 December 2003 - By William M. Sayre - Article

Asset Adequacy Analysis – Whys and Hows William M. Sayre December 5, 2003 With the turning of the leaves in the Fall, many valuation actuaries turn their attention to the analysis needed to complete an Actuarial Opinion and Memorandum Regulation (AOMR) opinion and memorandum, including asset adequacy analysis. For the

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