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Applying innovation principles to managing credit risk14 March 2016 - By Michael C. Schmitz - Article

In a global practice focused on managing credit risk, Michael Schmitz uses Amy Wilkinson’s framework for fostering innovative thinking. Those skills include finding the gap, driving for daylight, flying the OODA loop, failing wisely, networking minds, and giving small gifts.

An analysis of the limitations of utilizing the development method for projecting mortgage credit losses and recommended enhancements30 November 2010 - By Kyle Mrotek and Michael C. Schmitz - Article
Mortgage credit loss projections should consider the characteristics of mortgage loans and the economic conditions that affect them.Credit Risk Perspectives, Assessing the credit markets01 November 2009 - By Michael C. Schmitz and Jonathan B. Glowacki - Article
Quantifying risk in mortgage-backed securities01 July 2009 - By Kyle Mrotek and Michael C. Schmitz - Article
The democratization of risk management01 December 2008 - By Susan J. Forray and Michael C. Schmitz - Article

The authors extract a few key lessons from the current financial crisis It pays to bear in mind that models are imperfect approximations of reality the bigger an economic bubble gets, the more unpredictable, severe, and widespread the ultimate fallout

The ripple effect01 June 2008 - By Joy A. Schwartzman and Michael C. Schmitz - Article

The subprime crisis continues to ripple out into new markets. What are the ramifications for insurers? This article, which originally appeared in Insight magazine (Spring 2008), looks at various insurance lines, including title insurance, D&O, E&O, and financial guarantors. It

Collateral damage: The subprime meltdown and its impact on the insurance industry01 May 2008 - By Joy A. Schwartzman and Michael C. Schmitz - Article

Prior to the collapse of the subprime residential mortgage backed securities (RMBS) market, few people outside of the insurance industry or Wall Street were even aware of monoline financial guarantee insurers, the companies that guarantee the principal and interest of

Shifting the regulatory burden?21 April 2008 - By Joy A. Schwartzman and Michael C. Schmitz - Article

THIS SPOTLIGHT April 21, 2008 Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson recently proposed an optional federal charter for the insurance industry. This Spotlight is excerpted from a larger article on the subprime crisis that will appear in Insight magazine on May 10.

Houses of cards17 October 2007 - By Michael C. Schmitz - Article

THIS SPOTLIGHT Oct. 17, 2007 The housing correction has far ranging implications—for consumers, insurers, and banks. We asked Mike Schmitz, consulting actuary in Milwaukee, Wis. to weigh in on the subject. Q We've seen a dramatic decline in the S&P

What happens when credit risks come home to roost?01 November 2006 - By Kyle Mrotek and Michael C. Schmitz - Article

The housing market boom of recent years has given rise to a couple of strange economic bedfellows fiscal pragmatism on the part of buyers looking for affordable financing options, and marketing ingenuity on the part of lenders looking to extend

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