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Combination products: An accelerated education20 August 2019 - By Robert Eaton - Article

Combination products provide valuable, and often substantial, health insurance coverage in the framework of a life insurance or annuity policy.

Long-Term Care Insurance Fraud, Waste and Abuse Risk Management30 July 2019 - By Robert Eaton - Article

This survey is intended to share insurance company risk management practices and perspectives so that stakeholders may have a common understanding when discussing waste, fraud, and abuse in long-term care insurance.

Financing Long-Term Care Needs: Managing Retirement Decisions22 July 2019 - By Robert Eaton - Article

What are the major considerations and options for long-term care?

LTSS services in Medicare Advantage Plans12 February 2019 - By Pedro Alcocer and Robert Eaton and Pamela Laboy - Article

This article addresses how the Medicare Advantage marketplace responded in 2019 to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’s expanded definition of primarily health-related benefits, including which supplemental benefits plans are offering and where these benefits are offered.

The Long-Term Care Medical Symposium: Views from experts outside of the LTC industry01 February 2019 - By Michael Fossberg and Shawna Meyer and Robert Eaton - Article

This report aims to provide the long-term care insurance (LTCI) actuary with an environmental context for considering morbidity and other macro factors that may affect LTCI experience in the long term.

Making claims: Applications of predictive analytics in long-term care08 May 2017 - By Robert Eaton and Missy Gordon - Article

This article explores the current long-term care predictive analytics landscape.

Recouping past LTC losses03 May 2017 - By David Plumb and Robert Eaton - Article

Both insurance carriers and regulators are generally in agreement that long-term care insurers should not be able to recoup past losses through premium rate increases.

Long-term care insurance: The SOA pricing project01 November 2016 - By Robert Eaton - Article

This paper provides historical context and reasons underpinning the uncertainty of the first generations of long-term care insurance pricing.

The IIPRC and product filing submissions: Three examples01 December 2015 - By Karen Z. Schutter and Robert Eaton - Article

This article explores the uniform standards for three asset-based insurance products and discusses trends and potential changes that are coming.

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