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How blockchain technology will disrupt the PBM-payer-pharmacy relationship11 July 2019 - By Brian N. Anderson and Gregory Callahan and Michael DiPrima - Article

This article describes the origin of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), how claims are processed, and ways in which blockchain could disrupt the PBM marketplace.

Mitigating disruption and reducing plan costs: Keys to a successful PBM implementation27 November 2017 - By Angela Reed and Brian N. Anderson - Article

This paper looks at the pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) implementation process and identifies key items to consider for a successful PBM implementation, including pre- and post-implementation activities.

Health and Group Benefits News and Developments, May 201722 May 2017 - By Shyam Kolli and Brian N. Anderson and Angela Reed and Tasha S. Khan - Article

Health and group benefits news and developments in the United States.

Pharmacy benefits carve-in versus carve-out12 December 2016 - By Brian N. Anderson and Angela Reed - Article

There are a number of important factors that should be considered when making a decision whether or not to carve out pharmacy benefits.

Staying competitive in the pharmacy benefits manager selection process07 September 2016 - By Alex Johnson and Brian N. Anderson - Article

This article discusses the finer points of the pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) vendor selection process and provides an overview of PBM contract negotiations and market checks.

Did your plan receive 28% in retiree drug subsidies?23 June 2015 - By Brian N. Anderson - Article

Because of the Retiree Drug Subsidy program’s complex cost-reporting requirements, plan sponsors could be leaving millions of dollars on the table.

Don't overlook the value of claims auditing04 June 2014 - By Brian N. Anderson and David Cusick - Article

Healthcare plan sponsors may be overlooking the value of claims auditing when trying to keep expenses in check.

Are your pharmacy benefits being adjudicated properly?01 May 2014 - By Brian N. Anderson - Article

A pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) audit can tell you.

Coming to grips with reform and its impact on prescription drug coverage01 August 2010 - By Brian N. Anderson and Troy M. Filipek - Article
Healthcare reform is affecting pharmacy benefits, and some of the most significant changes may come in the next 12 months.Healthcare reform and Medicare Part D04 May 2010 - By Troy M. Filipek and Brian N. Anderson - Article
"Healthcare reform will close the "donut hole" and usher in other significant changes to Medicare Part D."
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