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Pathways to Success MSSP final rule: Key revisions to the proposed rule07 January 2019 - By Noah Champagne and Charlie Mills and Jason Karcher - Article

This paper summarizes the key provisions of the final rule for the 2019 Medicare Shared Savings Program and highlights differences from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’s August proposal.

Pathways to Success: MSSP proposed rule: Integrity01 November 2018 - By Jason Karcher and Brian A. Sweatman - Article

This paper discusses ways in which accountable care organizations have been identified by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as weakening integrity and how CMS is proposing to address concerns.

The short-term/limited-duration insurance rule and the potential impact on health insurance markets31 August 2018 - By Erik Huth and Jason Karcher - Article

This brief analyzes the provisions of the final short-term/limited-duration insurance rule, the accompanying commentary, and the potential implications to individual insurance markets.

Is copper the new bronze? Six things every health plan should know about HR 6311 and ACA risk pools24 August 2018 - By Jason Karcher and Jeffrey G. Milton-Hall - Article

This paper examines the potential implications of House Resolution 6311, passed by the US House of Representatives in July, whose expansion of catastrophic plan eligibility could expose ACA health plans to significant rating risk if made into law.

Association health plans after the final rule22 August 2018 - By Fritz Busch and Jason Karcher - Article

We examine the final rule released in June as part of the Trump administration’s executive order promoting healthcare choice, evaluate considerations for sponsors of association health plans, and briefly assess the impact on small-group health and individual ACA markets.

The terms, they may be a-changin’: A primer on proposed changes to short-term medical plans10 April 2018 - By Jason Karcher and Nick Ortner - Article

Is short-term, limited-duration insurance being repositioned as an alternative form of individual health insurance coverage, running parallel to the current Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act-compliant individual health insurance market rather than serving as a supplement to it?

Law and Executive Order: A look at how President Trump's executive order on healthcare impacts the ACA's small group and individual markets15 November 2017 - By Fritz Busch and Erik Huth and Nicholas Krienke and Jason Karcher - Article

This paper summarizes the Presidential Executive Order Promoting Healthcare Choice and Competition Across the United States and analyzes key considerations and potential impacts for commercial health plans.

The risk and the adjustment: Managing ACA marketplace selection risk if cost-sharing reductions fall short23 August 2017 - By Jeffrey G. Milton-Hall and Doug Norris and Jason Karcher - Article

If cost-sharing subsidies were to be eliminated, it could expose insurance carriers to a substantial increase in selection risk related to their particular mix of business.

The American Health Care Act09 May 2017 - By Jason Karcher - Article

This paper explores the impacts of the May 4, 2017, version of the American Health Care Act as passed by the House on different markets and stakeholders of the healthcare system.

A bridge too far? The most likely fates of ACA CSR payments and impacts on the individual market27 April 2017 - By Pedro Alcocer and Fritz Busch and Jason Karcher - Article

This report explores some of the key issues that arise from the possibility of non-payment of subsidy amounts to health insurers.

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