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The Withdrawal Delay Cohort under VM-21/AG-43: The case for random sampling25 March 2019 - By Benjamin J.L. Buttin and Matthias Kullowatz and Zi Xiang Low and Zohair Motiwalla - Article

The VM-21 Standard Projection is essentially a complete overhaul of the existing Actuarial Guideline 43 Standard Scenario framework.

U.S. GAAP Targeted Improvements for Long Duration Insurance Contracts06 September 2018 - By William C. Hines and Zi Xiang Low and Karthik Yadatore - Article

A summary of the main resulting changes to the accounting of life insurance and annuity products due to the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s accounting standards update on August 15.

Proposed Changes to US GAAP: An impact analysis of proposed targeted improvements06 June 2017 - By Karthik Yadatore and Craig W. Reynolds and William C. Hines and Shamit Gupta and Zi Xiang Low - Article

This report discusses the impact of the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s proposed changes to GAAP accounting standards on long duration insurance contracts, specifically on earnings and equity for several illustrative product types and the industry’s preparedness to adopt the new guidance.

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