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Benefits Perspectives, Fall 2010 - Medicare disadvantage plans?26 October 2010 - By Earl Whitney and James Huntley and Matthew P. Chamblee and Kara W. Tedesco - Article

This issue features: "What do changes to Medicare Advantage mean for employers," "Updating the active vs. passive debate" and "Diversification rules for ESOPs and 401(k) plans with employer securities."

Ready or not: Clarifications, frustrations, and operations of the final 403(b) regulations01 May 2009 - By Kara W. Tedesco - Article
The IRS's final 403(b) regulations left many questions unanswered.403(b): New rules, new risks, new consequences04 December 2007 - By Kara W. Tedesco - Article

THIS SPOTLIGHT Dec. 4, 2007 The new 403(b) regulations will change the way these plans are administered and present new risks for the employers that offer them. We asked Employee Benefits Consultant Kara Tedesco to outline the risks involved. Q

403(b) plans—new rules: Are you ready for significant changes?20 November 2007 - By Ginny Boggs and Jeffrey T. Marzinsky and Kara W. Tedesco - Article

The new 403(b)rules will bring significant changes. Although the rules don't take effect until Jan. 1, 2009, plan sponsors, fiduciaries, and employers need to take action NOW to be prepared. The slides and audio provide an overview of the changes,

BP, Winter 200401 March 2004 - By Suzanne D. Smith and Dawilla Madsen and Dominick Pizzano and Kara W. Tedesco and Michael G. Sturm - Article

This issue includes: "Preventive medicine for health and welfare plans," "Can the rise of consumerism control increasing healthcare costs," and "Controlled groups: Implications for qualified plans."

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