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Impact of manufacturer rebate proposed rule on Part D benefit parameters29 March 2019 - By Katherine M. Holcomb and Michelle Klein - Article

Milliman modeled several scenarios to understand the expected impact of the changes to current Anti-Kickback Statute safe harbors on the standard Medicare Part D benefit parameters.

Medicare Part D diabetic member cost sharing: Impact on non-low income members04 March 2019 - By Katherine M. Holcomb and Michelle Klein - Article

This paper explores how member cost sharing has changed over time for Medicare Part D non-low income members taking diabetic medications.

Government funding for Medicare Part D24 January 2019 - By Katherine M. Holcomb and Douglas Rodrigues - Article

An analysis of the actual government spending for Medicare Part D as a percentage of total program costs in comparison to the government’s legislated subsidy target of 74.5%.

MedPAC’s proposed changes to Medicare Part D: Impacts on various Part D stakeholders27 October 2016 - By Julia M. Friedman and Katherine M. Holcomb - Article

This paper discusses the impact that the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission’s proposed changes could have on plan sponsors, Part D members, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Understanding biosimilars and projecting the cost savings to employers: Update26 August 2015 - By Frank R. Kopenski and Katherine M. Holcomb - Article

This paper focuses on new information over the past several years about the U.S. market for biosimilars and how the cost savings impact may emerge over the next five years through 2019.

Commercial specialty medication research: 2016 benchmark projections06 January 2015 - By Justin Harris and Katherine M. Holcomb - Article

This study provides specialty medication claim cost benchmarks to illustrate the magnitude and distribution of specialty medication costs adjudicated under the pharmacy and medical benefit.

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