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Singapore FinTech Festival to feature Artificial Intelligence retirement solution31 October 2018 - By Wade Matterson and Richard W. Holloway and Paul Sinnott and Michael Daly and Stephen H. Conwill and Sanket Kawatkar and Pang-Hsiang Chye and Farzana Ismail and Brian Colgan and Chihong An and Wing F. Wong and Sharon Huang and Jiang Guanjun - Article

Wade Matterson will present on using artificial intelligence to solve the retirement riddle at the Singapore FinTech Festival on 13 November.

Survey: Asia-Pacific firms challenged by retirees’ diverse product feature demands14 November 2017 - By Wade Matterson - Article

A survey of Asia-Pacific firms revealed that retirees’ demands for products with diverse features create a challenge in the market. Firms need to understand drivers of these needs and communicate and deliver better solutions. Despite the challenges, the survey results highlight an opportunity to fill a gap in the market.

Super funds: Learn more about members or risk regulatory intervention13 September 2017 - By Wade Matterson and Jeff Gebler - Article

Super funds should understand their member behaviour at a more fundamental level and funds that ignore that advice will do so at their own peril.

Big data finally reveals how retirees really live07 August 2017 - By Wade Matterson - Article

Data is just one component of delivering a personalised retirement experience.

Why funds should look at where their members live07 June 2017 - By Jeff Gebler and Wade Matterson - Article

Where members live has significant implications for funds, especially those with regionally focused memberships, which will affect engagement strategies, portfolio construction and financial planning advice.

Housing affordability: Not just a problem for the young02 June 2017 - By Jeff Gebler and Wade Matterson - Article

As housing affordability edges further out of reach, a greater proportion of older Australians could be paying off their homes well into retirement, acting as a drag on retirement living standards.

To keep your head above water in retirement, focus on the long term30 May 2017 - By Wade Matterson - Article

Peter Robertson of Maritime Super talks about the maritime industry’s challenges and why the company applies Milliman’s managed risk overlay to its portfolios.

Asia retirement income report05 May 2017 - By Wade Matterson and Richard W. Holloway and Paul Sinnott and Michael Daly - Article

This report sets out perspectives and an analysis of the current and future state of the market for retirement income in Asia Pacific.

What should a super fund return?19 August 2015 - By Wade Matterson - Article

Investors should consider the risks and the returns when ranking their super fund’s performance.

Sci-fi super could be the reality we need09 August 2013 - By Wade Matterson - Article

Advances in technology will deliver more efficient retirement fund strategies.

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