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Using predictive modeling to forecast large workers’ compensation costs: A case study04 March 2019 - By Michael Paczolt - Article

Nodal™, Milliman’s web-based predictive modeling and decision-support system, accurately identified 95% of high-cost claims for the Intergovernmental Risk Management Agency before they happened, reducing costs by over 15%.

Industry body part coding is wrong - Part 1: Multiple body parts11 February 2019 - By Michael Paczolt and William Torres - Article

Multiple body part claims can be translated into specific combinations of body parts by extracting data from unstructured data using text mining algorithms.

Making predictive analytics work for you30 May 2017 - By Michael Paczolt and William Torres - Article

Predictive analytics vs. historical data summaries: Understanding the difference.

Illinois reform expected to result in 8.5%-12.75% decrease in workers' compensation costs03 August 2011 - By Michael Paczolt - Article
New law will replace arbitrators, allow employers to set up PPOs.Managing warranty goodwill30 September 2010 - By Michael Paczolt - Article
A model for maximizing franchise value by managing the amount of warranty goodwill.
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