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Benefits Perspectives: November 201805 November 2018 - By Joe Becker and Michelle N. Angeloni and Brandy N. Millen and Rebekah D. Bayram - Article

This issue of Benefits Perspectives features an article comparing and contrasting three volatility-based investment strategies and discussing the implications of applying them in a retirement plan and an article about managing pharmacy costs through focused analytics.

Are essential health benefits here to stay?17 March 2017 - By Rebekah D. Bayram and Barbara Dewey - Article

The fate of essential health benefits (EHBs) is uncertain, and what could happen to them is an open question.

Medicare Part D: Taking another look at employee group waiver plans for tax-exempt plan sponsors21 December 2009 - By Brian N. Anderson and Rebekah D. Bayram - Article
A switch to a Medicare Part D EGWP might save you money and reduce your OPEB obligations.
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