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Impact of offsetting midyear list price and rebate reductions in Medicare Part D05 April 2019 - By David R. Mike and Matthew Hayes and Stephen Amend - Article

The structure of the Medicare Part D program produces interesting, and sometimes counterintuitive, financial outcomes when drug list prices are decreased and rebates are eliminated.

Changing the rebate game: A primer on the HHS proposed rule to shift drug rebates to POS08 February 2019 - By Maggie Alston and Carol Bazell and David R. Mike - Article
This paper discusses the implications of recently proposed rebate regulation to various Medicare Part D program stakeholders.How will the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 impact Part D in 2019 and beyond?16 February 2018 - By Adam Barnhart and Gabriela Dieguez and David R. Mike - Article

Key changes to the Medicare Part D program will affect the donut hole in 2019, and this paper discusses the implications for stakeholders.

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