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Climate gentrification and the role of flood insurance16 September 2019 - By Molly Barth and John W. Rollins - Article

The visibility of climate’s impact on property hazard is increasingly leading individuals and their chosen leaders to ask: how might an increase in hazard affect the desirability of living in various communities, and how do we manage the socioeconomic impacts?

Critical Point Episode 17: The future of flood insurance03 September 2019 - By Nancy P. Watkins and John W. Rollins - Article

This episode of Critical Point discusses the future of flood insurance and what protecting a home from flood might look like a few decades from now.

Wading into the private insurance market09 May 2019 - By John W. Rollins - Article

This articles explores some questions and challenges for aspiring U.S. private flood insurers.

Political winds in a peak hurricane state14 November 2018 - By John W. Rollins - Article

Given the volatile political – not to mention atmospheric – winds, it is a good time for an overview of insurance governance and challenges in one of the world’s riskiest catastrophe zones.

Four ways Hurricane Florence could ricochet across the insurance industry14 September 2018 - By John W. Rollins and Nancy P. Watkins - Article

How could the aftermath of Hurricane Florence play out in the affected property insurance markets?

How does volcano risk differ from other natural disasters?14 August 2018 - By John W. Rollins and Cody Webb - Article

What are some of the differences in insurance among volcanoes and other catastrophic events, such as hurricanes and floods?

What could private flood insurance look like in New Jersey and New York?24 July 2018 - By Nancy P. Watkins and John W. Rollins - Article

Milliman recently collaborated with Risk Management Solutions, Inc. to model a potential private flood insurance market in New Jersey and New York.

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