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Financial analysis of ACA health plan issuers19 February 2016 - By Daniel J. Perlman and David M. Liner - Article

This paper summarizes 2014 risk mitigation estimates with actual amounts published by the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight.

Transitional reinsurance at 100% coinsurance: What it means for 2014 and beyond24 June 2015 - By Daniel J. Perlman and Doug Norris and Hans K. Leida - Article

The 2014 transitional reinsurance program will have a coinsurance rate of 100% rather than 80%, and this has implications for the final 2014 financial results of issuers of individual and small group market plans that comply with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Risk corridors episode IV: No new hope18 December 2014 - By Daniel J. Perlman and Doug Norris and Hans K. Leida - Article

The rules surrounding risk corridors are continually evolving and uncertain.

Cost-sharing reduction subsidies: Financial impact of the simplified methodology06 November 2014 - By Daniel J. Perlman and - Article

Issuers should take care when selecting CSR reimbursement methodology.

Factors predicting development of opioid use disorders among individuals who receive an initial opioid prescription29 July 2014 - By Annesa Flentje and Bryan N. Cochran and Daniel J. Perlman and Jean Cartere and Jill Van Den Bos and Jorge Torres and Nicholas C. Heck and Robert Valuck - Article

Study examines risk of drug dependence after initial Rx.

Depression treatment: The impact of treatment persistence on total healthcare costs30 June 2012 - By Daniel J. Perlman and and Stephen P. Melek - Article
Does continuous depression treatment lead to lower overall healthcare costs?Medical-claims database analysis of off-label prescribing27 June 2010 - By Daniel J. Perlman and Jill Van Den Bos - Article
An examination off-label prescribing provides new insights on how medication is being used.
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