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Benefits Perspectives: Uniting defined benefit plan documents and administration in perfect harmony23 February 2016 - By Dominick Pizzano - Article

This article reviews a few common provisions found in defined benefit plans that produce frustration for administrators and create scenarios where the plan no longer operates in accordance with the document.

Case study: Diagnosing effective deferred compensation programs for a governmental hospital’s executives01 July 2015 - By Dominick Pizzano - Article

Milliman assists a hospital in evaluating whether its overall executive compensation packages are competitive and sufficient.

Case study: Prescribing a potent program of deferred compensation for a pharmaceutical company’s executives08 June 2015 - By Dominick Pizzano - Article

A case study on salary, bonus, and deferred compensation for executives at a pharmaceutical company.

Benefits Perspectives: Qualified plans must come to terms with death: Who is the beneficiary?09 July 2014 - By Dawilla Madsen and Dominick Pizzano - Article

Qualified retirement plan sponsors need to consider these key issues when reviewing and updating plan documents and administrative procedures to ensure compliance with current beneficiary designation rules.

Benefits Perspectives: December 201211 December 2012 - By Dominick Pizzano and Grant Camp and Steven Hastings - Article

This issue features: "Fathoming FICA: A lifeline for NDCP sponsors and participants" and "Alternatives in setting discount rates for defined benefit plans."

Benefits Perspectives: August 201231 August 2012 - By David E. Forbes and Dominick Pizzano - Article

This issue features; "Navigating nondiscrimination testing in retirement plans" and "NDCP distributions: timing is everything"

The DB and NDCP funding conundrum31 December 2010 - By Dominick Pizzano - Article
Sponsors are advised to develop an action plan to cope with new NDCP funding restrictions.BP, Winter 2009/201018 March 2010 - By Charles Hodge and Dominick Pizzano and Heidi tenBroek - Article

This issue features: "The transparency of target date model portfolios," "The DB and NDCP funding conundrum," and "Considering a healthcare dependent eligibility audit?"

Can nonqualified deferred compensation plans brave our new world?01 April 2009 - By Dominick Pizzano - Article
Now that Section 409A has given the IRS new oversight powers, are NDCPs still viable?BP, Summer/Fall 200824 October 2008 - By Dominick Pizzano and Eric Patel and Kathleen E. Ely and Robert J. Pipich - Article

This issue features: "Alternative risk financing emerges for group health plans," Peering beneath the surface of CDHPs," and "Recuperating from nonqualified deferred compensation plan failures."

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