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Communicating healthcare reform: Helping navigate the waters10 September 2012 - By Denise Foster and Heidi tenBroek - Article
Challenges employers face in communicating legislation-driven changes to healthcare benefits.Effective employee communication: The benefits of best practices10 September 2012 - By Denise Foster and Heidi tenBroek and Sharon Stocker - Article
Effective communication can affect how employees feel and think about their benefits, workplace, and employer.BP, Spring 200906 May 2009 - By Denise Foster and Zorast Wadia - Article

This article features: "The art and science of delivering bad news," "Developing a sound DB plan funding policy," "Adding more variable elements to total compensation," and "Take precautions to ward off the swine flu."

Mind the gap: Engaging a new generation of employees01 May 2008 - By Denise Foster and Paul Harrietha - Article

Getting the attention of the workforce has never been more challenging — or interesting. The relatively recent birth of the digital age has changed the employment landscape considerably. At the same time, the corresponding proliferation of technology and resulting connectivity has had

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