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Aligning payer-provider incentives to improve coding and ACA risk transfer payments22 December 2015 - By and Kimberley K. Hiemenz and Simon Moody - Article

The impact of risk adjustment can be substantial, and health plans operating under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) need a thoughtful and innovative plan for managing risk scores.

EIOPA report on calibration of the premium and reserve risk factors in the standard formula: A health NSLT perspective03 January 2012 - By Simon Moody and and Joanne Buckle - Article
A summary covering the health NSLT aspects of the EIOPA report.The Road Ahead for Healthcare in England07 September 2011 - By Simon Moody - Article
How to manage the risk within a tighter budget?Risky business18 August 2011 - By Simon Moody and Joanne Buckle - Article
For CCGs, managing financial risk will depend on obtaining high-quality healthcare data.
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